silversalt = a crystalline chemical that creates images when exposed to light

Building on a global communications career in Amsterdam, London and New York, Thessa Mooij launched silversalt pr in 2007. That’s right, lower case. It’s all about putting the client in the spotlight while remaining in the background.
Thessa cares deeply about creators and the world they live in–whether it’s A-listers such as Spike Lee and Michelle Yeoh, or launching brand new talent with high visibility and awards (Cannes, Berlin, Sundance).
Ever committed to discovery, Thessa aligned with Breaker, the first start-up to bring transparency to the entertainment industry using blockchain technology in 2017.
While the world is rapidly evolving with innovation, the global lockdown requires us to reimagine our future in film, music and far beyond. silversalt pr thrives on strategizing to help film clients and non-profits The House of Songs and the Dutch Gospel Arts Institute give artists a bigger voice.