EVERY 28 DAYS @ IDFA (Panorama)

October 30, 2015
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EVERY 28 DAYS @ IDFA (Panorama)

EVERY 28 DAYS by Ina Bormann

(2015, Germany, 89 min)

In Central Europe ten percent of all couples need longer than two years to make their wish of having a child come true. As with so many other things, I put my wish for a child off until the last possible biological moment. The idea of having a baby frightened me. I was preoccupied with myself and didn‘t want a commitment. On the one hand there was the desire for a relationship and a home but on the other there was the longing for total freedom and independence. It also seemed important to me to resist society’s pressure to give birth. I considered my not having a child a statement as it were. But then it happened, suddenly and unexpectedly. Wanting to have a child emerged from the darkest depths of my psyche. After all, two’s company but not a family… EVERY 28 DAYS is a radically personal documentary about the filmmaker´s attempts to become pregnant in her late thirties.

Sat Nov 21, 16:30, Munt 9
Mon Nov 23, 22:15. Tuschinski 3
Thu Nov 26, 15:45, Munt 9
Fri Nov 27, 11:30, Munt 10
Sun Nov 29, 16:30, Munt 10

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