GHOST HUNTING @ Berlin (Panorama)

January 20, 2017
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GHOST HUNTING @ Berlin (Panorama)

GHOST HUNTING @ Berlin (Panorama)

GHOST HUNTING by Raed Andoni

(94 min / color /Palestine, France, Switzerland, Qatar / 2017 / world premiere)

For 25 years, one image is recurring in The Filmmaker’s mind – that of a 18-years-old boy, head covered with a bag and handcuffed, sitting inside a prison yard. As the sounds of the jail yard become amplified, the boy starts to see images flash before him.

Raed, the filmmaker can’t distinguish his fragmented memories as real or imaginary. In order to confront the ghosts that have continued to haunt him, since he was jailed in an Israeli investigation center, he launches a job announcement to gather Palestinian ex-prisoners.

In a large empty basement, he explains his project to an eclectic group of construction workers, actor, goldsmith, artist and architect: rebuilding from scratch the investigation center according to their own memories.

Driven by curiosity or unclear motivations, some accept this “weird” offer. During 6 weeks, each day, they come to the basement to give a shape to their former jail. As the walls of the cells rise, the tongs and the emotions loosen. The ex-prisoners start to reenact the stories they have experienced during their investigation, releasing out loud violent feelings and their deepest fears.

Press screenings: 
Sat, Feb 11, 11.45 at Cinemaxx 5

Public screenings:
Sun, Feb 12, 20.00 at CineStar 7 (Premiere)
Mon, Feb 13, 12.00 at CineStar 7
Tue, Feb 14, 17:30 at Cubix 7
Fri, Feb 17, 20.15 at CineStar 3

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