JACK @ TIFF (Contemporary World Cinema)

August 18, 2015
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JACK @ TIFF (Contemporary World Cinema)

JACK by Elisabeth Scharang – Contemporary World Cinema

(2015, Austria, 95 min, North America premiere)

Elisabeth Scharang’s second feature presents a suspenseful and haunting psychograph of famed Austrian writer, public figure and killer, Jack Unterweger. One winter’s night a young girl freezes to death after suffering brutal injuries and Jack is convicted of her murder. When released from prison 15 years later, he becomes an acclaimed writer and a well-known ladies’ man as Vienna’s society celebrates him as an example of successful social rehabilitation. However, he comes into question once again as a series of prostitutes are found dead. Can a murderous man fundamentally change?

World sales: Picture Tree International

Press Screenings:
Pre-festival screening in Toronto: Mon Aug 24, 10:00am, Varsity Theater #5
Mon Sept 14, 11:30am, Scotiabank 7

Public Screenings:
Tue Sept 15, 7:00pm. Scotiabank 10
Thurs Sept 17, 9:15pm, Scotiabank 10
Sun Sept 20, 9:00am, Scotiabank 14

Press day: Tuesday, September 15, with director Elisabeth Scharang

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