MELLOW MUD @ Berlin (Generation 14plus)

January 15, 2016
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MELLOW MUD @ Berlin (Generation 14plus)

MELLOW MUD @ Berlin (Generation 14plus)

MELLOW MUD by Renārs Vimba

(2015, Latvia, 110 min, world premiere)

In his strong debut feature MELLOW MUD, Latvian director Renārs Vimba carefully handles the delicate theme of coming-of-age of a teenage girl. Living in the muddy fields of the Latvian countryside with her grandmother and her younger brother Robis, Raya (17) faces the bittersweet pleasure of first love – while dealing with circumstances that even a grown woman would hesitate to tackle. The score was created by Ēriks Ešenvalds,  one of Latvia’s most sought-after choral composers whose work has been performed all over the world, earning him a nomination for the British Composer Award and a two-year fellowship at Cambridge.

Press screenings:
Jan 28, 10:30 at CinemaxX 6

Public screenings:
Feb 14, 13:00 at HKW
Feb 15, 15:30 at Cubix 8
Feb 21, 14:00 at CinemaxX 3

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