MOTHER @ IFFR (Bright Future)

January 13, 2016
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MOTHER @ IFFR (Bright Future)

MOTHER @ IFFR (Bright Future)

MOTHER by Vlado Škafar

(90 min, Slovenia, color, 2016, Italian with English subtitles, world premiere)

A mother takes her self-destructive daughter to a deserted village in a foreign country and locks her in a house in the middle of nowhere. She takes her away from everything in order to bring her back to life. What begins as a mother’s desperate attempt to save her child turns into an increasingly miraculous spiritual adventure, restoring the deep feelings of life within her.

MOTHER is a companion piece to Škafar’s previous feature OČA (DAD) (Venice, 2010) in which a father reconnects with his young son on the sun-dappled fields of the Slovenian countryside. Nature as a safe place, where the noise of every day life dies down, where time and space takes on a different dimension.

Press & Industry Screening: 
Feb 3, 14:00, De Doelen Willem Burger Zaal
Feb 14, 17:50, Cinemobile (EFM market screening in Berlin)

Public Screenings:
Feb 3, 18:45, Pathe 2
Feb 4, 09:30, Pathe 5
Feb 5, 21:45, Lantaren Venster 6
Feb 6, 9:30, Lantaren Venster 2