August 15, 2017
in Category: TIFF
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NINA by Juraj Lehotský

(82 min, Slovakia / Czech Republic, color, 2017, English subtitles, North American premiere)

Nina is on the verge of adolescence and stuck in the middle of her parent’s divorce. As her world seems to be falling apart her mom and dad say they are only doing what is best for her, but it seems as though they only care for themselves. Her only remaining joy is competitive swimming. It’s at the pool where she finds calm and support. When it looks like she won’t be able to attend a swimming competition, Nina makes a radical move.

Press & Industry Screening
Sept 9 @ 7:30pm, Scotiabank 7

Public Screenings
Sept 10 @ 6.30pm, Scotiabank 11
Sept 12 @ 9.30pm, Scotiabank 10
Sept 17 @ 9.00am, Scotiabank 9

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