REUNION @ Berlin 2015 (Generation 14Plus)

January 18, 2015
in Category: Finland, Short film
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REUNION @ Berlin 2015 (Generation 14Plus)

Young Anja accompanies the dead of her hometown to the afterlife – comforting the panic-stricken newly-deceased with a sweet smile and some of her favorite music. When she joins her brother on the couch moments before his heart attack, things are different. Thirty years ago he turned back where she charged ahead. Can they make up and dance their way to the next world together?

REUNION is screened in the Generation 14Plus programme, where it will be competing from the main prizes of the section with 18 other shorts

Reunion is a directorial debut in film for directors Iddo Soskolne and Janni Reinikainen.

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Mon Feb 9 @ 15.00, CinemaxX 1
Wed Feb 11 @ 14:30, CinemaxX 1
Fri Feb 13 @ 10:00, Haus der Kulturen der Welt  Kino 1
Sat Feb 14 @ 14:30,  CinemaxX 1