SUMMER CHILDREN @ Black Nights – First Feature Competition

November 24, 2017
in Category: Black Nights Film Festival, Iceland
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SUMMER CHILDREN @ Black Nights – First Feature Competition

This international premiere marks the feature debut of 64-year old Icelandic female director Gudrun Ragnarsdottir, who had a long career in advertising.

Two small children, Eydis ja Kari, are put in a bus and sent from the city to the countryside to an orphanage. Their mother tells the sister to take care of her younger brother and that’s what she does. But both of them are still too young and being away from home is not easy. There is a delicate mix of fantasy and reality in this Guđrun Ragnarsdóttir’s enchanted debut. The story reminds us of The Brothers Grimm fairytales and is at the same time dark and hopeful.

Director Guðrún Ragnarsdottir and actress Kristjana Thors are available for interviews in Tallinn.

Press screening: Fri Nov 24, Coca-Cola Plaza, Hall 4, 12.30 – 13.55
Public screenings: Fri Nov 24, Apollo Kino Solaris Hall 3, 18:00 -19:54
Sun Nov 26, Coca-Cola Plaza Hall 8, 18:45 – 20:29

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